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Prevent ebola virus with thermal imaging cameras

Ebola : fever detection with thermal imaging camera Version française

FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras have made their prove in the instant detection of persons with fever and therefore potentially infected with Ebola virus.

Non-Contact, fast and reliable, thermal imaging can be an effective mass-screening device for detecting individuals with an elevated body temperature in large groups.

The measure of body temperature of individuals passing in front of the thermal camera installed at strategic locations (airports, train stations, ferry terminals and places of outstanding individuals), will allow you to easily identify those at risk.

Benefits of thermal imaging camera for fever detection
Display fever with a thermal imaging cameraThe infrared camera produces an image in real time and scans all the people who pass in front of camera lens. The assessment takes less than a second.

The alarms Sound and colors, can be set to trigger when a temperature threshold is reached or exceeded and thus clearly indicate people with fever.

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